Healthcare Superteams

Healthcare Superteams explores how the interconnected world of patient care can be reinvented and reimagined by incorporating team-based care.

By having insightful conversations with both healthcare and non-healthcare experts who have already tackled the difficulties of mastering seamless communication and high-functioning teamwork, Healthcare Superteams gives insights into how to incorporate these changes into the field of healthcare.

Learning from these examples and leveraging our many collective strengths, can provide the best care outcomes and make life better for patients and communities, while transforming the future of healthcare.

The idea is that seamless communication and high-functioning teamwork between health care professionals improves patient safety, patient and provider satisfaction, health outcomes, and reduces health costs.

The future of health care depends not only on highly skilled and passionate providers and clinicians but also on their ability and willingness to collaborate across their professions. This transformation begins with one commitment: interprofessional education and practice.

We don't need superpowers to transform health care. We need super healthcare teams.

Healthcare Superteams is presented by the USF Health Office of Interprofessional Education and Practice, hosted by its Assistant Vice President, Dr. Haru Okuda and produced by its Assistant Director, Nancy Toruno.